Founded in April 1948
Sanhuan Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise directly subordinate to Dalian municipal
government and a state-level leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization.

Urban Modern Agriculture


The inheritor of a long history

Sanhuan Group is a large-scale state-owned comprehensive land-reclamation
enterprise built in 1948.

The supplier of safe food

The professional agricultural team of Sanhuan Group conscientiously

produces “Sanhuan safe vegetables and fruits”,

“pollutant-free rice, flour, oil and milk” and other safe,

healthy and high quality food.

The pioneer of urban modern agriculture

Sanhuan Group create a model of urban modern agricultural industry,

such as the “Huigeng tribe”.

Modern Agriculture

Modern Commerce and Service Industry


The Faithful provider of service for Dalian citizens

The most considerate “life butler” for Dalian citizens

in the past 70 years.

The subsidiaries of Sanhuan Group like Dalian cooked

food trading center, Southwest Road Comprehensive Wholesale

Market and Sanhuan Mall constitute the largest

business area in west Dalian.

The Group has found its new engine of economic growth

through transformation in management in Sanhuan

Grand Hotel, Nongken Hotel and other traditional hotels.

We will lend every effort toward Huiyou chain convenience store project so as to

cover the so-called last one kilometer of convenience service.

Modern Business

Featured Property


Sanhuan Group possesses rich land resources and has land-use right of over 60 square kilometers.

In recent years, the Group has been carrying out industrial plans in the fields of promoting green living and creating new industrial town. It aims to transform the advantages of land resource into the advantage of competitive products by facilitating industry-finance combination with the linkage of the primary and secondary land development and flexible fund mode, and by building the financing platform, broadening the financing channels and expanding project resources. In this way, the transformation in the utilization of the Group’s land resources is being accelerated with the real estate becoming an independent business unit.

Real Estate Real Estate

Video Center

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