Pubic Responsibility

There are about forest area of 36 sq. km. among the 60 sq. km. area within the jurisdiction of Anywide Group, other property facilities area of 300,000 square meters, products and services involve in many aspects of social life to the public. Maintaining the owner's equity, ensure the safety of state-owned assets, preserving or increasing the value is the most basic social responsibility of the company. At the same time, while carrying out the production and business operation activities, shall avoid the bad influence on society and the public.

According to the requirements of national and local laws and regulations, for social harmonious development, the company shall urge the subsidiary corporation to establish and improve all kinds of national standard management system involved and shall run persistently and effectively, and definite responsibility, improve the system, and increase input in training and preventive measures.
Ensure the production safety Stick to the policy of "safety first, prevention first" and principle of "who supervises, who is responsible for", establish the safe production responsibility system; the enterprise shall provide all employees with “three-level safety education”, carry out daily three-level safety inspection and exclusion and regulation of potential safety hazard; Make enterprise safety fire prevention plan and emergency plan, set up special management for special zone, the dairy farm and the overseas Chinese farm and other enterprise with forests shall Set up a professional fire brigade, equipped with professional fire control facilities, the key production and business sites, warehouse and rent plant shall set the fire equipment and fire monitoring system as required.
Ensure public responsibility safety In order to guarantee the safety and occupational health of the employee, shall pay the cooling subsidies to the employees at the production line to ensure the public liability according to 《Law of the PRC on Work Safety》 《Law of Occupational Diseases Prevention and Cure》《Notice on Printing and Distributing the Management Method on Heatstroke Prevention and Cooling Measures》《Notice on Adjusting High Temperature Subsidy Standard of Enterprises in Liaoning Province》.
Carry out control and improvement measures on the projects involved in public responsibility
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