• Located at the Yingge Stone Area, the “Sanhuan Ranch” project independently created by the Group with our best efforts was transformed from a dairy farm. It covers an area of 1.6 square kilometers,
    integrates comprehensive functions of agricultural science popularization, sports and recreation, creativity exhibition, and safe food industrialization study, and highlights various experiences like cultural learning,
    farming, raising livestock, amusement and aesthetic enjoyment. Its aim is to construct a world-class high-quality pasture and build a brand-new model in urban culture-tourist industry.

    As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanhuan Group, Sanhuan Vegetable Time Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. shoulders the social responsibility of the state-owned agricultural
    enterprises. From the very beginning of its establishment, the company goes all out to achieve the goal of setting a new model for the safe vegetable production industry.

    Before selecting each vegetable base, we would carry out tests on the water quality, soil, and banned pesticides of the bases in accordance with “Sanhuan Safe Vegetable Control System” and “Sanhuan Safe Vegetable Standard System”, and entrust Dalian Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Office to make follow-up inspections of the vegetable products. At present, Sanhuan Safe Vegetable Co., Ltd., has a number of bases such as Lixing Village of Yuantai Town and Caojia Village, Sanjianbao and so on, as well as a reserve base of nearly 5,000 greenhouses. It has realized the safe planting control of more than 20 kinds of vegetables around Dalian. Currently, the species of safe vegetable in season are stable from 20 to 25.

    In the acquisition, distribution and sorting of safe vegetable, Sanhuan Group sets up multiple levels of censorship. Each batch of safe vegetables must comply with the regulations of “Sanhuan Safe Vegetable Control System” and “Sanhuan Safe Vegetable Standard System”. 33 hazardous pesticides are strictly prohibited during the planting process, and chemical pesticides are used in limited quantities to ensure the safety of vegetables. During the planting process of Sanhuan vegetables, chemical fertilizers containing hormones and industrial waste are prohibited as well as pesticides of high toxin and high residue without “three certificates”. These safe, efficient agricultural materials are all high-quality products carefully chosen from well-known agricultural manufacturers across China. The fertilizer used by each cooperative farmer, the time of crops for rotation, and the daily output of crops will all be recorded in detail, and specific planting files are thereby formed.

    Sanhuan safe vegetable entrusts Dalian Institute of Product Quality Supervision & Inspection to carry out inspection of the vegetables all the way. At present, Sanhuan safe vegetable is the only vegetable product to receive the pesticide residues inspection and approval by Dalian Institute of Product Quality Supervision & Inspection. The index of pesticide residue is much higher than the national standard and the safety index of Sanhuan safe vegetables also far exceeds the standard of pollution-free vegetables. What’s more, each batch of Sanhuan vegetables would go through the fast inspection of pesticide residue before being sold in market, so on no account would those not complying with the safety standards flow into the market for sale.

    Sanhuan safe vegetable has nearly one hundred counters so far, located throughout the five districts in the city. In order to be distinguished from other vegetables counters, Sanhuan Group designs the special "vegetables time" sales counter, where each product and vegetable box is posted with the LOGO of "vegetable time" of Sanhuan Group, to ensure that the Sanhuan vegetables purchased on the market are all safe and fresh. Due to its safe quality, Sanhuan safe vegetable also becomes the vegetable supplier for the canteens of quite a few government sectors, enterprises and public institutions.

    “Huigeng Tribe” is located in the beautiful Sanhuan ranch of Yinggeshi industrial belt of Dalian high-tech industrial park, only 22 kilometers from Dalian city. It is a natural giant oxygen bar with lush mountains intersected with valleys. The project covers an area of 87 mu and there will be 22 greenhouses for subscription in the first stage. The customers can subscribe to a plot in “Huigeng Tribe” and plant various safe vegetables to meet the demand of the whole family in one year.

    We do not deliberately pay attention to the quality of agricultural products. Instead, we let the crops grow following the law of nature, fully absorb sunshine, rain and dew before reaching maturity. “Huigeng Tribe” establishes a complete agricultural product traceability system,by which the customers can get to know the planting and growing situations of vegetables in their own garden any time through the APP in their phones,whichever stage from their planting to being placed in the dining-table. They could supervise our production process in the meantime. Each vegetable harvested here is produced out of care and attention from “Huigeng Tribe”.

    Welcome to join us and
    become a “farmer” of “Huigeng Tribe”, you will gain

    Dalian Sanhuan Dairy Co., Ltd., established in 1974, is the largest professional dairy company
    combining dairy cattle raising, dairy products processing and selling all in one.

    Dalian Sanhuan Fine Dairy Cattle Breeding Base, located in Dengshahe Dalian Modernized Agricultural Park in Jinzhou District of Dalian, is a modernized farm covering 300 mu. It adopts TMR daily ration, mechanized feeding, “Apollo” automatic milking system from Sweden to provide high quality raw milk for production. The company is equipped with international advanced dairy testing instrument, which strictly monitors the quality of our products by inspecting each batch of raw milk and finished milk.

    Rooted in Dalian,

    Sanhuan sincerely offers its service forever

    The company has formed three product series——“Sanhuan” fresh milk, yoghurt and lactic acid drinks, covering more than 30 varieties. Its products have successively been rated as Brand-name Products of Liaoning province, Brand-name Products of Dalian city. “Sanhuan” brand is honored as Famous Trademark of Liaoning province, and has won the title of Favorite Trademark (brand) of Dalian citizen for seven times consecutively.The company has won the title of “Quality Safety Model Unit for Food Production and Processing of the Year” granted by The Quality & Technology Supervision Bureau of Dalian for three consecutive years. “Sanhuan”, as the native-born dairy products brand, has deeply blended into Dalian people’s love for their hometown and is being loved by more and more Dalian people. “Sanhuan” will stick to the concept of “quality is the life of the enterprise” all the way,pay special and continuous attention to the construction of milk source, and meticulously ensure production management, so that the people could drink safe milk every day.

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