Yinggeshi Industrial Park

The Group develops and constructs Yinggeshi area in cooperation with Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences and High-tech Zone Government. They jointly create Yinggeshi innovation base of “2025 innovation center” and Dalian science and education base of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the next 10 years, this area will form an industry new town integrating science and technology, life, recreation, ecology and environmental protection, with the three main industries of CAS university town (integrating production, study, research, creation and protection), health and finance as the engines and the land resources of 39.2 square kilometers of Yinggeshi area as the supportive base.

Sanhuan ·SUNAC City

Sanhuan •SUNAC City is the project jointly developed by Sanhuan Group and SUNAC China——a TOP 6 real estate enterprise in China. Located at the center of Dalian Ecological science and technology innovation City, it is ecological and livable, with convenient traffic and gradually improving life supporting facilities and its access to scarce mountain and lake resources. Sanhuan • SUNAC City is built near the mountains. Its first stage covers the floor area of 140,000 square meters and the building area of approximately 200,000 square meters. The volume rate being only 1.4, it is one of the few communities of low density in Dalian. At present all houses are ready houses, setting the model for high quality habitation in this area. The north-south transparent comfortable houses with an area range from 49㎡ to 117㎡ can meet different house purchasing requirements. There are also cost-effective skip-floor houses, where you can enjoy the villa-like life style with two floors, but paying only for one floor. The garden architecture respects the original landscape, introducing the surrounding mountain scenery into garden and skillfully blending the stereoscopic landscape and the natural environment to create a beautiful garden life so that home owners can enjoy the garden beauty without leaving home.


Xinjiayuan is located at Yinggeshi area of Dalian High-tech Zone and is the relocation area project created by Sanhuan Group independently. It has a total area of nearly 60,000 square meters, with
complete functions, barrier-free facilities and the design of two families sharing one floor. It can be said to be a brilliant example of shantytowns transformation project throughout the whole city.
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