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Recruitment dynamics
Recruitment dynamics
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Employee Development
Employee Development
"Two-channel"of employee development "Two-channel" 一refers to management channel, take on more responsibilities to achieve promotion, but refers to professional skill channel (including technology, business, etc.), become the domain expert through skill upgrading, in order to ensure that employees in the company have multi-channel development.

Complete training system 完备的培养体系
  • Spark plan

    Sailing plan is the talent training plan for the management trainee of the company,which helps the new management trainee to understand the company values, ideas, development course, organizational structure, familiar with and acknowledge the enterprise culture, observe the rules and regulations, understand the products and services, lay a solid foundation for rapid integrating into the company, reinforcing the sense of belonging and being adaptive to the post through comprehensive training such as E - learning platform, workshop, classroom training, expanding, internships, job rotation, etc.. Since 2010, sailing plan/spark plan has included more than 120 participants, now several of them has been in management positions, become the continuous force for the development of Anywide Group.

  • Outstanding talent plan

    Outstanding talent plan aims at reserve talents, started in August 2015, lasting 18 months, through voluntary application and evaluation, screen the willing reserve talents with development potential, and by means of on-the-job practice such as knowledge transition, project simulation, market feasibility study, to reinforce the understanding and improvement of skills of operation, business, management, etc.. Under the impetus of outstanding talent plan, agriculture business division has carried out Amoeba Mode.

  • Key talent training plan

    Key talent training plan aims at middle-senior manager and its successor, started in March 2017, lasting nine months, the plan includes “values unification”,“theoretical knowledge”,“professional knowledge”, through experimental training, group discussion, topics study and discussion, simulated actual combat, etc., strengthen the improvement of strategic objectives, business planning, industry trends and management skills.

Comprehensive salary system
  • Salary strategy Broadband salary system, break the sense of hierarchy maintained and reinforced by traditional salary structure,
    establish the partnership between company and employees, make the performance level of the employee link up with salary.
  • Performance incentives Ability, responsibility, contribution shall be the value allocation basis of performance incentive, the overall level
    of wages of employees would rise with the rising of company's performance level.
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