The 13th Five-Year Plan

We will further promote the reform of agricultural reclamation, adjust industry stocks, transform the service economy, maximize the industry increment, attract financial capital, and finally realize the industrial transformation and become better and stronger.

Urban Modern Agriculture

We will promote the construction of the supply platform which displays a full range of agricultural and sideline products of Sanhuan Group and provides both online and offline shopping experience. We will thereby realize an “Internet +” modern agriculture mode which is made up of independent plantation, equity deals, precise marketing and oriented supply and demand. By combining agriculture and animal husbandry with tourist leisure vocation industry, we are exploring innovative operating mode of urban modern agriculture.

Modern Commerce and Service Industry

We spare no efforts to develop community and group oriented BTOF (business to family) convenient chain stores by combining the construction of convenient chain network channels with the construction and development of the community and catering to the population aging trend. We adhere closely to the financial services industry and develop industry investment fund to boost the regional development and the transformation of agricultural reclamation.

Real Estates

The Group combines the revitalization of land resources with Dalian’s building of “two forerunners” and preferential development of service industry and increases the infrastructure input in industrial-financing-network cities (Dalian Yinggeshi industrial park in High-tech Zone and Dalian Ecological science and technology innovation City) with flexible funds, thereby attracting and strengthening industrial resources with good natural environment and human resources.

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