Anywide Group was founded in 1948. In June 1992, the Dalian municipal government integrated the original Dalian Lingqian (Ridge) Farm, Dalian Huaqiao Fruit Farm, Dalian Dairy Farm and Dalian Farming Industry Commerce Integrated Corporation into Dalian Anywide Industrial Group Company, the name of which was officially changed as Dalian Anywide Group Co., Ltd in 2004, under direct supervision of SASAC of Dalian, being the only solely state-owned agriculture enterprise funded by the Dalian municipal government directly subordinate to the Dalian municipal government and is a leading enterprise in the industrialization of agriculture of national level.
     Anywide Group is rich in land resources, with state-owned land use rights for over 60 square kilometers. Anywide Group is deeply rooted in history, during the 7 decades of development, it has made considerable contributions to the supply of agricultural and sideline products and to the agricultural modernization development in Dalian, and became the vegetable basket, milk bottle and fruit platter. Through constant innovation, transformation and upgrading, Anywide Group has stable development in the main business and business operation, at present, the group has developed into an industrial leader in agricultural reclamation with 42 subordinate enterprises and total assets of 29.5 billion yuan. Anywide Group takes “double engine” drive mode as development framework, continuing to do bigger and stronger in the fields of real economy and industry management, and making improvement in the fields of assets, capital and funds. The industry takes the capital as the wing and the capital is rooted by industry. Main business of the group covers urban modern agriculture, modern business service industry, real estate development and other fields.
    Urban modern agriculture module. The professional agricultural team is dedicated to creating safe, healthy and high-quality food, such as “Anywide safe fruits and vegetables”, and “Anywide free-pollutant rice, flour, oil and milk” etc.; building modern agricultural industry model, such as “plowing tribe”; independently construct “Anywide pasture”, consisting of agricultural science popularization, sports leisure, creative exhibition, safe food industrialization research and other

functions, highlighting the culture, agriculture and animal husbandry, amusement and aesthetic experience, and building a brand-new urban tourism model with the purpose of constructing a world-class high-quality pasture.
    Modern business service industry module. The subsidiary companies, such as Dalian Cooked Foods Trading Center, Xi’nan Road Comprehensive Wholesale Market and Anywide Shopping Mall form the biggest business circle in the west of Dalian; The group has formed new economic growth point through operational transformation of Anywide Grand Hotel, Nongken Hotel and other traditional hotels; Anywide Chain Store, rooted in Dalian market, strives to become a well-known retailer, and the first band of Dalian chain store that provides the most convenient service in life, it becomes a comprehensive convenient store consisting of convenient store, fresh shop, restaurant, coffee shop and bakeries, leading the new development direction of convenience store industry in Dalian.
    Real estate development module. The group applied industrial-financing combination with primary and secondary development linkage and flexible fund mode, built the financing platform, broadened the financing channels, expanded project resources, so as to accelerate the utilization and transformation of land resources of the group. The group developed Anywide_Sunac Town by working with world top 500 enterprises, such as Lenovo, Sunac and so on; and China Sciences Group Town with CAS DICP, and High-tech Zone Government, building CAS Dalian Science and Education Base and an industrial new city of science and technology, life, leisure, ecology and environmental protection. Keep the pace with the city and live with citizens.
    Anywide Group strives to become a large-scale modern group enterprise with leading rank in the industry, strong competitiveness and highly social responsibility, and make outstanding contributions to the construction of two pioneer districts in Dalian and to overall development and revitalization of Northeast China.

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