Urban Modern Agriculture

Urban Modern Agriculture Sanhuan Group has a long history and was founded in 1948. It is the only state-owned agricultural enterprise funded and organized by Dalian municipal government and a leading state-level enterprise in agricultural industrialization. In recent years, following the development strategy of the top-level design of the central government's agricultural reform, Sanhuan Group takes urban modern agriculture as its development orientation and focuses on the modernizing reform of state-owned agricultural enterprises to realize the organizational collectivization of agricultural industries, the capitalization of land resources and the layout upgrading of the modern agricultural industry. Sanhuan agricultural portfolio provides safe, healthy and high-quality foods for the entire industry chain, and exerts itself in implementing the path of modern agriculture development, taking root in farm upgradation, deepening channel networks, innovating new business models and enriching people's dining tables. The “Internet+Agriculture” innovative model, represented by the “Huigeng tribe”, provides the public with a complete set of solution to the safety of dining table. Sanhuan dairy products, safe fruits and vegetables, and privately-owned exclusive gardens are well recognized by the public.

Modern Commerce and Service Industry

Modern Commerce and Service Industry Sanhuan Group, with Dalian Cooked Foods Trading Center, Southwest Road Comprehensive Wholesale Market and Sanhuan Grand Hotel as the industry stock, transforms and upgrades itself to develop Huiyou convenience store chain, supply chain finance, financial services and other industries. Sanhuan Cooked Foods Trading Center is one of the largest cooked foods trading markets in Northeast China, and it has become the leading food enterprises of Dalian city and even of the whole Northeast China, due to its strict market regulation system. Southwest Road Comprehensive Wholesale Market is the largest market for agricultural and sideline products sale in West Dalian, and is also the largest wholesale market for fresh products and local speciality. The Southwest Road agricultural and sideline products trading area is mainly comprised of cooked food trading, Sanhuan dairy industry, agricultural market and fruits market and it shoulders 60% of cooked food supply, 70% of locally produced fresh milk processing and distribution, 40% of live pig supply, 30% of fruits supply and the whole series supply of household kitchen necessities such as vegetables, teas, condiment, rice, flour, grain and oil. It enjoys great popularity among residents due to the affordable price. The daily number of transaction exceeds 100,000 times, and the annual turnover exceeds 3 billion Yuan. Nongken Hotel is located in Qingniwaqiao commercial district, adjoining to Hope Square and People's Square, and has a building area of 9000 square meters. It has now realized the successful transformation by letting its property, presently being the franchised outlet of Orange Hotel. Sanhuan Shopping Mall is located in the southwest road and covers a floor area of 18600 square meters and a building area of 38000 square meters, with one floor underground, and four floors on the ground. Sanhuan Huiyou new-style convenience store chain, e-commerce O2O community delivery, fresh food MINI supermarket and other new-type selling network commercial activities all help to complete the overall safety chain arrangement from farmland to table, thus fulfilling the goal of Sanhuan as “butler of citizen’s life”. Located in the beautiful scenic spot of Fujiazhuang, Sanhuan Grand Hotel is one of the earliest hotels to receive the three-star hotel certification in Dalian.

Real Estate

Real Estate Sanhuan Group possesses rich land resources. In recent years, the group has been striving to transform the advantages of land resource into the advantage of competitive products by carrying out industrial plans in the fields of promoting green living and creating new industrial town, facilitating industry-finance combination with the linkage of the primary and secondary land development and flexible fund mode, and by building the financing platform, broadening the financing channels and expanding project resources.
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