Company Culture

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an innovative service platform as a leader in high quality life Sanhuan Group takes the modern commerce and service industry as the major and prioritized industry, carries out the business layout of modern agriculture, business services, real estate, internet and cultural tourism, and aims to build a large-scale service platform driven by business model innovation, management innovation and technological innovation. Our future vision is to intensively cultivate the existing business areas, lead the market in the segmented industries, meet the demands of customers for a high quality life, and keep rejuvenating the Sanhuan brand with its high quality products and great competence and become one of the most respected and trusted enterprises.

Our Mission

Safeguard the safety of dining-table, build a beautiful homeland and be a good life butler As an old saying goes, food is the paramount necessity of people. As a leading state-level enterprise in agricultural industrialization, Sanhuan Group upholds the development idea of health and safety. Based on agricultural services and guaranteed by the traceability system of products, we are committed to improving the quality of agricultural products and providing healthy and quality-assured products to fulfill our promise to safeguard the safety of dinning-table. Our aim is to enable the customers to live and work in peace and contentment. Sanhuan Real Estate takes cultural tourism, science and technology parks, and residential real estate as its orientation of future development, regards product quality as its lifeline, and brings the customers a beautiful living and entertainment experience with its world leading design concepts and the rich connotations in them. Sanhuan Business aims to create an all-around local service network and to provide convenient shopping outlets and professional butler-like services for the customers with services on a par with international standard and personalized products, and to become the most intimate life helper for the citizens. As a region-renowned state-owned enterprise, we are fully aware that Our Values is to provide the best service for citizens. All Sanhuan people will forge ahead and become the trustworthy helper for the residents with our excellent product quality and considerate superior services.

Purposes of the Enterprise

Our purpose is people-oriented, and to serve the society and the country with industry development
People-oriented People-oriented purpose means the goal of the Group is to realize people's all-round development, by combining the realization of employees’ self-worth with the development goals of the enterprise, thus achieving the fundamental goal of win-win results between employees and the enterprise. Sanhuan Group makes its core idea value recognition, value creation and value distribution. It also sets up a talent growth mechanism, a competition mechanism and an incentive and constraint mechanism for employees and tries its best to provide them with a good platform and a wholesome work environment, boost their sound development, and continuously enhance the company's overall strength and competitiveness. The development fruits of the Group are thus shared with our employees.
serve the society Serving the society is the basic responsibility of the state-owned enterprises. Sanhuan Group places the development of the enterprise and serving the society in the same important position. Through the transformation and development of the enterprise and improvements in quality and efficiency, we will produce high-quality products and services for the society, realize efficient integration and utilization of resources and become an important force in contributing to society.
the country with industry development Serving the country with industry development is an important part of our grand course of realizing the great rejuvenation. It is also the essential point of Sanhuan Group's purposes. Our corporate strategy of moderation and diversity determines that we will work hard in different economic fields to make our company bigger and stronger, realize the goal of doubling our operating revenue during the 13th Five-Year Plan period and become one of the most important forces in the regional economy.

Our Values

Our Staff

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